The Dream

by H. Tsory

I’ve been thinking about it for years, planning, saving, preparing – now it has arrived.  6 months of personal leave from work to devote to other things, travel and creative pursuits.  No more alarms, no more commutes – for a while.  Just writing, artwork, bike riding, hiking, gardening, reading…   The good stuff.  Like my DJ says, the dream

First comes travel, I soon depart for Vietnam where I’ll be staying with a friend in Ho Chi Mihn City.  I’ll be exploring the south, the coast, and then north and on to other locales: Laos, Thailand, Cambodia.  When I return home I’ll have the precious time to devote to writing, both short stories and book length fiction.

I’ll try to post dispatches, probably more of the picture variety than text at first…  Onwards, outwards-

Like all dreams, I’ll eventually wake up.  But for now it’s on…..

The Wanderer

The Wanderer