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Is this Social?

IMG_2732 cropped solar invert cropped


They want your image  they want your soul  as much as you can give  they’ll take it all

They want information   they want consent   monetizing us   down to the last cent

Like we’re just products lined up on a shelf   a piece of meat   cut and paste yourself

Inside out   we’ve been swallowed whole   identities merging   we’re getting sold


Feeding the machines  replacing skin with glass  we’re raising imitations  Is this social?

How many friends   can you pretend to have   and what’s your status   Is this social?


Reject their probing eyes   their sucking needle lies   keep some of it inside


They’re tracking tendencies averaging us out if we could disappear we’d find a way out

Consuming the consumers   the pitchman is fake

he swallows his own tail   he is a walking snake


Eyes stapled to a screen  their minds all gone   do you want that   just another Replicon

Manufacturing a sense of belonging   but we don’t need them to tell us who we are


Listen to the song ‘Is this Social’ by Destroy Clocks here:

DestroyClocks art 4

Destroy Clocks

DestroyClocks art 2 minus script

Destroy Clocks.  Abolish time.  Break the chains of causality.  Really, how badly do you need time?  For precise social order, for appointments?  Peel off the temporal dimension.

Destroy Clocks is my new band and I’m stoked to be playing shows and sharing the recording of our 6 song EP.  Stream or download it for free from our bandcamp page:

Destroy Clocks crashes the barricades, spills through walls and pushes exploration to the brink with hypnotic and arousing jams.  Drawing from shoegaze, jazz, doom, hardcore and psychedelia among other inspirations, the group’s free form mind will draw you in and turn you out.  Fusing ambient keyboards, volatile guitar and propulsive rhythms the trio calls forth bewitching grooves from the percolating chaos.


Smoke rising out of the jungle, houses on stilts. Where are we? Ornate village temples, palm trees poking here and there out of lowland fields.

Moving from Vietnam into Cambodia there is less Chinese influence and more Indian. The land opening up, less people and more cattle.
This is a heavy place, something about it..

Rolling through peering out the bus window I was listening to Shpongle (Ineffable Mysteries…) and stoner metal (Stangala, The Sword) and it fit. An otherworldly sensation, divine flames burning atop gateways and licking off the edges of roofs, Buddhist iconography with Hindu vestiges. Even the written word – a modified Sanskrit- is trippy.

Wave-Particle Duality

We can feel anticipation radiating off the instruments.  They want it just as bad as we do.  Embracing these objects we begin to play.  I can make out forms moving through the smoke hanging in the shack: we have converted into waves.  Three sound waves that embody the character of our chosen instruments bound with our intention.  The waves are traveling side-by-side across an endless planar surface—time itself.  They glide seamlessly, frequencies and amplitudes playing off each other.  Darting baiting querying, on they go.  As waves we can bump into each other, exert subtle influence or blatantly push off on different paths.  It seems we could go on forever like this, creating endless variations on themes.  If not for the mere basic requirements of life like water and food perhaps we would.