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Elephant Riders

Temple elephant

Elephant domestication has a long history in southeast asia.  We tried out elephant transport on a trek in northern Thailand.  Not the fastest or most comfortable way to get around, but it was cool to get up close to the giant beasts.  I felt bad for our mount though, with the two of us on a seat and our guide sitting on her head.  Better than a poaching I suppose.  Momma elephant had her baby walking beside her the whole time.

Elephnat trek Thailand

Nokia Lumina 920 picture quality

All of the pictures of my southeast Asian trek on this site were taken with a Nokia Lumina 920 Windows phone. No filters or other mods were used; I’m happy with the camera and picture quality. It’s a sturdy, durable phone that has stood up well to over 5 weeks of travel.

Vietnam Beach Scene

Mui Ne is a mellow beach town on the South China Sea about 4-5 hours from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). We hired a driver for a 3am night flight out of the city to avoid traffic, and spent the first night at Novella resort, a more upscale option. We intended to stay just 1 night but couldn’t pull ourselves away, and our accommodations got progressively cheaper each night until we ended up in a backpacker hostel. Kite surfing is a huge draw in Mui Ne.WP_20130405_026.jpg