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Acrylic paint, collage and pastel on canvas, 2013.

The object in the background is based on a sighting in the night sky during the summer of 1998 in Saskatoon.  I was sitting outside with my friend Muxx, taking a break from jamming in my parents’ basement, and we were both looking up when balls of light in a triangular formation appeared from out of the northern sky moving south.  The lights appeared to be part of a single massive V-shaped object, which made no sound as it passed overhead.  We looked at each other in amazement – what the.. did you just see that?  If Muxx wasn’t with me I would have questioned my own faculties.  The incident stayed in the back of my mind for years.  Then an internet search revealed that similar sightings have been reported throughout North America going back decades.  The craft are known as ‘big black deltas’, BBDs.  It is speculated that they are advanced U.S. Defense Department craft featuring some type of non-combustion propulsion system, hence their silence.  But who knows. . .

Eyes aglow in the night  . . .  sensing you, sensing me  . . .  something on wing afoot.


Phases of life slide into one another.  To gain insight into your family, look at yourself.  You bear the stamp of the Gene Stampede.  Genetic herds.  Accelerated diversification of form.

Your blood has been drawn, you may not have noticed.  All that’s needed is a tiny drop, or maybe a stray hair, and you are forever archived.

Code ends dipped in solution, existence filed away.

How hot is the fire you play with?  To what degree will it burn.

Extracted biostats are linked to footage of you stored at data central.  Every movement has been recorded, as no space, not a square centimeter of real estate, has been left untouched by camera.  Your actions are forever available and accessible for as long as the Trans-time IntraLife Network (TILN) exists. What do you have to fear?

Like me you could try hiding in your imagination, even there you’ll eventually be found.